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As I get older and go through changes in my life, I am learning more about the importance of keeping an open mind.

I think that comes with maturity too. I used to be quite dismissive of things that I didn’t really know much about. Take babygroups for example.
I have always had a preconception that they are ‘cringey and awkward’ but actually, I was pleasantly surprised.

It took me a few months to get the courage to go I’ll admit. To be honest I was more than happy to just spend time at home with Joseph at first.

As he got older though, I needed to socialise and  I wanted Joseph to aswel – so I had a little google to see if there was anything in the area & that’s when I came across ‘Magical Munchkins’. They offer different classes for a range of ages. I made contact via email and booked in for our first class.


I couldn’t recommend it enough. Jessica who runs the classes is amazing. Warm, friendly and welcoming. I could tell that Joseph felt comfortable with her straight away.


The thing to remember is, all the other Mum’s are in the EXACT same position as you. You are all so individually focused on your own little one, and you get so much enjoyment seeing how they react to things that you go in to your own little bubble. I picked up some fun tips and songs along the way and the toys that they used – try before you buy and all that 😉

I think it really helps their development and it gets your happy endorphins going too. Whenever I watch Joseph in these groups, I just fill up with pride. You see how they act with other children. Their personality traits really come through which you don’t always see when it is just the two of you.  I love the little shy look that comes across Joseph’s face or when he gets nervous and sits on my lap – it melts ya heart it really does!


I know from experience, how hard it can be sometimes just to force yourself out of the house, but once you have been it makes such a difference to your mood ( and tires the baby out too 😉 ) Especially now we are in Winter, they are a godsend!

Jessica offers Soft Play packages for birthdays & every half term hosts a ‘Magical Play Day’ which Joseph is such a fan of.

For more info you can check out website or Facebook page!


Facebook: @MagicalMunchkins




Please note: This is not a sponsored post & all views are those of my own.

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