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-No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you, after all you’re the only one that know’s what my heart sound’s like from the inside

What a fun filled weekend we have had! Me and my little guy haven’t stopped! So much so I couldn’t even make it through the X Factor Final last night zzzzz! On average, our day’s tend to start at 6am so I like to get us up and out sooner rather than later, otherwise we just get too settled and lazy! So bathed, dressed and fed, we was good to go! 


My aim was for us to go up town to the Science Museum.. although I think I was being a bit deluded. We made it up to London Victoria ( Joseph slept the whole way so I was able have a peaceful journey with a waffle in one hand, caramel lattee in the other ; ) ) – made our way towards the Underground and it just wasn’t happening. There was no way down other than the steps – there was no way I was going to attempt for someone to help me with the buggy because we was nearly getting taken out in every direction. At this point, I felt like I could have cried – silly but I just had my heart set on it for us and I didn’t want to not see my plans through. Funny how the tiniest things make you feel like your letting your child down when they are actually none the wiser! 


It didn’t matter though because we still had the best couple of hours. We made our way towards St James’ Park. We had a play in the playground, followed by lunch al fresco style. It really is the most beautiful park just to walk around. It was very touristy but anywhere you go uptown always will be. There was alot of people there, yet it felt so peaceful. I am such a daydreamer I just get so lost in my own thoughts. Even just walking around with Joseph in his buggy always feel’s so special, just creating memories together! Feel’s like we are forever bonding! 

We walked to Buckingham Palace and along to Horse Guards parade. I tried to get a couple of pictures, but as you can see.. Joseph wasn’t too impressed! 


The only trouble is, now Joseph is full on walking, he will only stay in his buggy for so long! This is when it started to get a little harder being a lone ranger. We headed towards Trafalgar Square where all the fountains are and the lion statues and I let him run around there for a bit, splashing in puddles.. it really was the sweetest thing! We then had a little walk around the National Gallery but to be honest.. art is wasted on me. The pictures were beautiful don’t get me wrong, but not my cup of tea..Joseph kept shrieking with excitement and I can tell some people wasn’t too pleased so that was our que to leave! 

By the time we made our way home on the train, I was shattered. Joseph obviously had other ideas  because he insisted on running up and down the carriage for a good 20minutes or so! 

If you ever get stuck on what to do with your baby/toddler/child, it really is nice to get on a train to London and just have a walk around. The idea of it is always more daunting than the reality. For the 3 hours we were up and out for, I probably spent less than a tenner! There is so much free stuff to do in London if your not afraid to venture out. I love getting out, even if just for half a day because by the time we get home, Joseph falls back in love with his toys and get’s so excited to run around the house (which gives you a chance to sit down with a hot cuppa) 


Today I have no guilt – which is rare when I have to come to work! Usually at some point over our weekends, naturally we either have shopping, plans with friends etc so I sometimes feel bad if Joseph get’s bored but this weekend it was all about him and I have to say, it really was the best! We had our day out and then yesterday we soft played, had a birthday party and danced – we laughed alot & I can’t wait to create so many more memories like this in the future.

-If you’re completely exhausted and you don’t know how you’re going to keep giving this much of yourself day after day, you’re probably a good parent ‘ 

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