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Venice Day 1


Oh hiiii there!!

I have just returned back from what was the most, incredible and amazing trip from Venice and Florence and whilst I have shared a few pictures on my Instagram I couldn’t not share some details on here. So the reason behind our trip was the other halves 30th Birthday and for ages he has wanted to go Venice. Without sounding bratty, and it isn’t that I am not appreciative but for some reason it just wasn’t top of my list. I think I have always associated Venice with being a bit of a tourist trap, and although it looked beautiful, I love those quiet and hidden cobbled streets more. Anyway, the Birthday boy had his heart set on two days in Venice followed by two days in Florence, so we booked back in December for just the two of us , and with all the hecticness that the festive season brings, it came around so quick.

I’m not gonna lie though guys, this time around I really struggled leaving Joseph. Anyone who knows him, knows how happy and adjustable he is and he just adores his Auntie, Uncle and Cousin so I had no worries in that department, but he just makes our memories that even more special. Joseph is such a character and since I have been working from home, we are pretty much together all of the time.  I wont go too much into that a I want to save another blog post for it, but don’t worry.. a couple of Proseccos at the Airport soon took the edge off of the guilt.. even if it was 4.30am 😉


So anyway the day arrived for our travels and we was so excited.  As a surprise I booked the No1 Lounge at Gatwick Airport and simply cannot recommend it enough. We like to start our holidays as we mean to go on, so we usually have a proper sit down and some alcohol anyway, so at £32 per adult it definitely seemed cost effective, and make it that little more special. The price is inclusive of a wide range of Alcohols, Soft Drinks, Teas/Coffees – a buffet (pastry galore) and a select few items you can order from the menu (eg Bacon butty)

Off we flew, arriving 20 minutes ahead of time and after collecting our luggage we headed to get a pre booked water taxi over to Venice. On arrival, I was blown away. I mean, I don’t know what I expected but it was just beautiful. For some reason, all I have ever heard about Venice is ‘the water smells, its over priced, etc etc’ and whilst true to an extent, there is so much beauty to be seen. I usually tend to follow a rough itinerary but I just wanted ‘to get lost’ in the streets. Our hotel was nice, but disapointing on the customer service front so I don’t want to even give them any publicity to be honest – lets just say that fo the price you would expect a bit more for them! We had a quick change and spent the morning exploring and then  stopped for some amazing lunch (£8 quid for a pizza – you’d pay more in Pizza Express.. and it was just by Saint Marks Square) – being the amazing blogger that I am, of course I got the name of the restaurant…….*rolls eyes*



The first half of the day we spent around Venice and then after lunch we got a water taxi over to the Island, Burano! Oh my, I was blown away and in photo opportunity heaven (shout out to Ad on being my dedicated photographer as always) Being the Winter and out of season, there wasn’t much going on over there in terms of open shops etc but the picture speak for themselves. Beautiful Burano!



We had such an amazing day followed by a lovely evening. Ad had arranged for us to visit a local, traditional restaurant called ‘Trattoria Bar Pontini’.   There was a que outside, which we stood in for about 20minutes, and let me tell you. it was well worth the wait. We both had the ‘Seafood Linguine’ and shared a bottle of red  (pretty standard for us) . I think the restaurant is quite renowned for the Linguine dish as it seemed that most of our fellow diners had ordered the same. The restaurant was small in size, but so intimate and romantic. I would definatleuy stick it on you ‘to do’ list if visiting. I think, if my memory serves me right.. the meal came to about £50-£60; Olives, bottle of Red, 2 mains and a shared Tiramissu (the only desert they have to offer.. soooo good) which when you think about it, would have cost us that in Zizzis or again, Pizza Express.

Following dinner, we took a slow walk back to our hotel at around 10pm (which isnt bad going for the fact we had been up since 2.30am) Just aswel really because I had been put under  strict instructions that we had an early start as there was somewhere Ad wanted to go.. I was curious but didn’t really think anything out of the ordinary because he is good with all that stuff and after 10+ holidays with him, nothing really surprised me.. or did it…  TO BE CONTINUED 

Day 2 to follow 


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