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Frozen Fruit Smoothie


This week, Joseph had a double whammy – a cold & teething, three new teeth poking through to be precise. As a Mum, there is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. I can always tell the cries from the crocodiles with my little guy.  Joseph has; the moans, the ‘crying’ with no tears, the crying for no reason, whining because he can, crying for my attention – I know them all! I especially know the ‘pain’ cries straight away! They are like no other and it break’s my heart. This week even more so.


Dribble & goo galore, you could tell that he was in so much discomfort. Joseph can go off of his food when he is teething too, but I wanted to ensure that he was getting some goodness in him so decided to make us both a smoothie. It is the first time I have tried him with one so I wasn’t so sure how he would take it but he loved it! A sweet treat, soothing on his gums and all the fruity goodness.

I always keep frozen fruit in the freezer for the smoothies and they are a godsend. We used to spend so much money on fresh fruit, most of which would go to waste but frozen is definatley the way forward!

Using our Nutri Bullet, I simply chucked in a generous handful of frozen Blueberries and Strawberries, 1 Banana and half a cup of milk. You can experiment though and add whatever you fancy! With mine and the bf’s I tend to add spinach as you get the added goodness but the fruit overpowers the taste. Instead of milk you could use water or yogurt!


Joseph loved it! I didn’t give it to him straight away as it was too cold but once it ‘warmed’ up a little you could tell that it was soothing for his sore gums! Word to the wise, from the not so wise – it will probably end up within a two metre radius of your child inc the hair so don’t do a ‘me’ and give them a bath before!


*On a side note, Spinach –  I used to be forever buying bags of the stuff and chucking loads away as they go out of date quickly, until the other week I was watching Jamie Oliver and he was saying how good frozen spinach is! He demonstrated, and I think for every one bag of fresh baby spinach you get the equivalent of about 6 in a frozen bag! I grabbed some from Tesco’s but I think they are available in most supermarkets!


Enjoy!! X

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