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12 Signs you are officially a ‘Grown Up’



12 Signs You Are Officially A ‘Grown Up’ – Kind of

Don’t get me wrong, there is still alot of ‘youngness’ and ‘immatureness’ about me, I believe there always will be however there are also a lot of things I do now where I think ‘god have I actually grown up‘? Getting older has never been a fear of mine. I guess I am still only 28 but I am on a fast track now to the ‘Dirty 30’s’ which can freak alot of people out but not me. I embrace every year older I get because I feel so much more comfortable in my life and in my skin. I still love a night out BUT I equally get my rocks off to a weekend visit to Homebase. Here’s a few things that make me feel like a ‘grown up’

  1. Spending more time and energy picking paint colours for the house than dresses for a night out. To the younger me ‘ a grey was a grey ‘ NO our current big decision of the month has been choosing between the 5 grey tester pains plastered across our hallway wall – it’s stressful stuff 
  2. Nursing your hangover by ‘going for a walk’ or ‘getting some fresh air’ The only fresh air I used to get was that from my bedroom to the cafe.. and back again. 
  3. When I book a holiday I make it a priority to book ‘Travel Insurance’ those who know me know that this is a very mature step in life for me.
  4. Forgetting to take your Make Up off after a night out is some kind of freak accident
  5. Tactfully arranging going out on a Friday rather than a Saturday. Your hangovers are a minimum of two days – if your lucky.
  6. You will happily pay over £6 for a bottle of wine.
  7. It’s all about a Cheeseboard.
  8. Ikea is a full on fun day out.
  9. You branch out and pay more on Teabags (all about the Assam in our house) & you drink Herbal Tea
  10. Wearing a coat on a night out. & a scarf.. and gloves.. maybe even tights. Your bones cant handle the cold like they used to
  11. You have entered the stage of; Baby Showers, Engagements and Weddings.
  12. You love a Drama. Broadchurch, The Missing – you will happily arrange your social plans for the week around them being on TV.

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