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2017.. Let’s get our shit together.


O R G A N I S A T I O N 

the action of organizing something.

“the organization of conferences”
Synonyms: planning, arrangement, coordination, structuring, administration, organizing, running, management, logistics.
It is safe to say that towards the end of every year, I seem to lose any meaning of the O word. Well unless that is Christmas related. I can’t even blame Christmas actually.. it starts to titter out towards September.
Pre September;
I was eating healthy
I was active at the Gym
I kept on top of my diary dates (kinda)
All our documents organised and filed
Freezer full of batch cooking for little man
Draws and clothes all neatly organised
and then it kind of went to pot. It has been a mixture of returning to work, celebrating Joseph’s 1st Birthday, my Birthday and the build up to Christmas. It all got quite busy and up in the air.
Since September;
I haven’t been as strict with my food
Slacked at the Gym since November
Stopped putting dates in my diary which lead do alot of double booking – sorry girls x
Letters ‘chucked’ in the cupboard without any organisation
More cooking on the go for little man = a stressed Mama
Neatly folded clothes now consists of a very messy draw.
Now all of the hype of the past few months is dying down I need to up my A game. If you fancy getting a bit more organised with me or just getting your shit together in general, this list may be of use to you;
  • Buy a diary
  • Take note of Birthday’s & address’
  • Buy a book of stamps
  • Buy folders for filing important documents. (Any unwanted docs with personal info on be sure to shred)
  • Have a clothes clear out for the Charity Shop.
  • Pile up any Summer clothes you won’t need for the next few months and sling them in the loft.
  • Join the Gym – stop moaning about how ‘sluggish’ you feel and do something about it – Bikini bodies are made in the Winter 😉
  • Look after your skin. Winter isn’t kind to our skin at all – get yourself into a Moisturising routine
  • Make a list of places you want to visit in upcoming year
  • If looking to book flights, check out great offers in the January Sales
  • Give yourself a monthly payment plan if paying off any debt accumulated over the festive period
  • Sign up to the newsletter on ‘
  • Look into your Utility Bills and see if any money can be saved on them
  • Cancel any free trials you may have signed up to. Don’t get stung with an Amazon Prime £70 a month
  • Have a Social Media de-clutter.
  • Book up any Doctors or Dental appointments you have been putting off – and put them in your new Diary 😉
  • Set up any direct debits where possible so that you don’t miss any future payments
  • Take back any unwanted Christmas Presents
  • Pursue your hobby – nothing clears the mind better than doing something you enjoy
  • Set yourself some goals – One of mine for example is: Text people back STRAIGHTAWAY .. 2017 could be people’s lucky year
  • Once you have made your way through all of the Christmas choc & cheese (because it would be rude not to finish it) get yourself clean. Load up on the fruit and veg, cut down on the booze and you’ll feel all the better for it.
  • Do whatever it take’s to be happy – 2017 is your year  x

Happy New Year. Lots of love, Jax x  


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