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Little intro 💕


wp-1473334339610.pngHi hi hiiiiiii!!!

Greeeeeetings on this cosy little Sunday afternoon. My name is Jax and welcome to my Blog eeeek.

Little intro in a nutshell..first and foremost I am a Mum ( even now after a year when I type, write or say it, the term still feels surreal) a girlfriend, friend, daughter and sister! I love talking, helping people, social media, giving advice and writing amongst all the obvious stuff. For so long I have wanted to start my own blog but have never had the courage or the time really..but whilst my little Joseph sleeps and the bf watches football (standard sunday antics) I thought, sod it…so here I am!

This blog is going to be a real mix of things; mum stuff, family days out, fun with friends, make up, health and fitness..just general stuff really! Just thought it could be a cool little hobby and help my mind tick over.

Im really excited to share my tips ‘and stuff’ and I hope you enjoy reading!

Ps, I am a million trillion percent  by no means perfect.. I am learning everything as I go along, being a mum, still trying to master a decent eyeliner flick, handling my drink, spelling and grammar, you name it, I am learning everyday ! 😘


I hope you enjoy X

Jax ✌💕

2 Comments on “Little intro 💕

  1. Jax this is amazing, well done clever girl! Some tips for me and my sleepless nights to come.. Your such an amazing yummy mummy!!
    Love you proud of you!

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