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Happy Valentines Day x



From me to you, from mine to yours – Happy Valentines Day <3

I don’t think it’s just a day for couples to celebrate their love for eachother but for everyone in general to celebrate their love for eachother. Yes it’s a bit overhyped, but it’s one day of the year you can almost guarantee most people show a bit of love to eachother, from couples to best friends! I just love seeing men after work having a last minute dash to get flowers, older people buying Valentines Day cards, girls going out for drinks together. I do understand why it could get to single people, I spent many years feeling a bit shit on Mothers Day but I don’t think it’s just for the couples at all. I’ll still be making my girlies feel a bit special at some point throughout the day because they’re the loves of my life too <3

To my girls; Your’re my SoulSisters & you know it. I love our laughs together, our wine’s (& whines) together, our cries together and for being the bestest friends I could have ever asked for – you all know who you are. So many more special and fun memories to come x

To my family; You’re as nuts as I am and we must look like a carry on film when we’re together! No one in the world would put up with my dramatics like you lot. Plus, we are equally as soppy.

To my two Soulmates, ‘Were the three best friends that anyone could have’ – we have the best future to look forward to & you’ll be the loves of my life forever.


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