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To the younger you – It’s OK


Oh god, another hair colour? Reaaally? Why!? What was wrong with the brown? Or the red? Or the blonde before that?  No, what about your natural hair? Why another bloody hair colour?

Are you not happy with yourself? Is it for attention? Are you trying to please other people? Why can you not just stick to that colour that you was happy with when you first had it done? I understand you want to experiment and maybe you are finding yourself but why can you not just be happy? Are you unhappy?  You seem to be chasing it in so many different forms? If your not colouring your hair your growing it, your cutting it, cutting a fringe, adding extensions. It’s OK not to fit in so make sure you are doing it for yourself – no one else


I know you are going through so much change in your life with friends, school, boyfriends, career choices but the older you get the more you will find your way and feel more settled in your life. There will be hard times, tough times, times when you don’t know who to turn to but you need to turn to people. People can help you and they won’t know how to if you don’t communicate with them. I know you want to be ‘Miss Independant’ and you want to prove to people that you can but Batman wouldn’t have been the hero that he was without having Robin as a sidekick. Your Parents care, alot. They aren’t out to get you and if they come across as controlling it is because they have your best interests at heart. You will understand when you have your own kids one day that everything they do is for you. Don’t be in such a rush to grow up and move out. Your first love may not be forever, and that is OK. The tears will dry and the wounds will heal and you may come to realise that he wasn’t your first love afteral. Everything that has happened, and everything that you may go through is all in build up to your true happiness, so be patient. You’re going to make mistakes, that’s a no brainer – you will learn. You will continue to make mistakes for the rest of your life but it will always shape you into a better person.


It’s OK if you are unsure what you want to be when ‘your older’ You may not ever know until you fall into it but work hard along the way. Don’t settle. Don’t please people so much that you forget to please yourself. You will lose sight of what truly makes you happy.

It’s OK  if not everyone likes you. There will be people that don’t like them either. Don’t  change yourself for these people. You will be changing things that most people love about you.

Make the memories – good ones and take lots of pictures. Put your time and energy into the people that do the same to you and bring out the best in you.  Chances are they will be your best friends for life.


Don’t be in such a rush to grow up.

You have the rest of your life to do ‘adult stuff’ and when your older you will miss being young and creating those memories so make the most of it. Have lots of fun and smile alot and everything else will follow & fall into place.


Thank you Dad, sorry I didn’t always listen but I love you – you special man xxx


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