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First year purchases!


Hi Parentals,  

When I was shopping for baby bits for Joseph, I wanted to get it just right. I invested so much time into going to baby shows (Ok, we went to two) reading reviews, other people’s blogs,  you name it – I was determined to know my ‘ baby bacon ‘!  I was a mumzilaaaaaaaa.

I wasn’t taking this lightly! Anyway I did come across somebody else’s blog of recommendations at the time and found it hugely useful so I thought I would pass on some of my ‘knowledge’ and I may just be able to help a few of you.. so, here goes!


The Wheels

It is fair to say, you’ll be getting a lot of use out of this badboy so it isn’t a decision that you want to take lightly. We went to John Lewis to try some wheels out ( I have to say though, we didn’t rate the customer service there –  they just didn’t seem that clued up when demonstrating the buggies to us ) we had a mooch anyhow but ended up buying ours from Mothercare. If you’re buying second hand or online I would suggest doing this too. As pretty as your chosen buggy may be, it may just not feel right so always best to make sure. When you’re constantly lifting it in the car, turning it around want to ensure it suits you.   Anyway, our wheels of choice was the ‘Silvercross Pioneer’ in ‘Sand’ (can you tell we were first time parents – Looks nice, not the most practical colour!)Literally though, I cannot fault the buggy at all.  It isn’t overly heavy, fits nicely in our boot and so sturdy! I will say though, I’m surprised Joseph hasn’t tried to sue me for whiplash yet, the poor boy. I just don’t seem to have any spacial awareness..always bashing it around, in to walls.. infact.. take me as your perfect guinea pig.. I bash it around and alsorts and its still in good condition!

It comes with the carrycot for the first few months and then the sitty up thing for when bub is a bit bigger and can support themselves! It’s funny though because I am always in a rush of excitement for the next part..I couldn’t wait for Joseph to be in the sitty up bit of the buggy but now what I would give to have those carrycot moments back when he was all teeny tiny ahhhhhh!!!! Anyway, I couldn’t recommend this buggy enough. I love it. Kind of wish I would have gone for the black, but that said, it comes up good as new when given a wash. When Joseph teethes and is dribble galore it goes everywhere and can make marks, but the footmuff detaches anyway and you can sling it in the wash!


I didn’t know what was out there really in terms of car seats but have always known ‘Maxi Cosi’ to be hugely popular so we went for the ‘Maxi Cosi Pebble’ Since then I have heard that the ‘Silvercross’ and ‘Graco’ car seats are good too! It is recommended not to get your car seat second hand because of safety reasons but then I do understand some people may not have the choice. Joseph is now over a year old and he still uses it.  There is a removable neck cushion that comes with it that you can remove as the baby gets bigger to allow for more room. We also bought the ‘adaptors’ so that we could connect the car seat to our buggy wheels. So much easier to be able to do this in the early months when your nipping into coffee shops etc. You can buy raincovers for the car seats too  which can come in handy! We have an  ‘Isofix base’ that is fitted in the car too. This basically locks in the car seat so that you don’t have to strap it in which is so quick and handy to be able to do and I think the safety aspect too. To be honest though, I don’t think this is entirely essential. Priced at £160 it isnt the cheapest so I think it is more of a luxury.  Once you know how to strap the car seat in with a seatbelt that is easy enough, that said, it is does give me reassurance knowing that the seat is safely locked in.  I believe our one is specifically for the ‘Maxi Cosi’ but you can get other branded ones to match your cat seat. If you decide to buy the Maxi Cosi, and the Isofix base, I think that you can buy them together and it may work out a little cheaper too!

Changing Bag

I think a lot of changing bags in general are renowned for being quite narrow. Be prepared for the huuuge possibility of getting bored of your bag. I am not overly keen on mine now and I won’t be keeping it for baby number 2. It has seen me a good turn, but has started to appear a bit worn. I opted for the black Silvercross bag & I do like it but I think on the next turn I really like the ‘Bobby’ quilted Storksak bag. My sister in law has it and she manages to fit soooo much in it – plus it doesn’t necessarily look like a changing bag!—black/561133.html

Tommee Tipee Prep Machine

This was by far our most favourite buy of all! I simply cannot  sing its praises enough! Literally makes your bottles for you – pretty much! We are so spoilt having access to inventions such as these! So, in a nutshell, you set the dial to the specified ‘oz’ that you need. It fills with hot water, you put your scoops in, hit the button again, fills the rest up with cold.. and there you have it, bottle all good to go – at the perfect temperature! Really takes the edge off of those early morning feeds! You will have to change the filter, which is about a tenner, but it lasts a few months and you get a warning light to notify you when a change is needed! Don’t spend anymore than £70 for this. Some retailers sell it for the full retail price of £120 however at the moment Mothercare are selling it for £69.99 and a lot of ‘baby events’ such as ‘Asdas’ sell it for the same amount. You can watch demo’s online on Youtube. Before use,  you have to clean it and set it up.  I found watching a Youtube demo of this to be really helpful too. I’m not an instructions kinda girl!

Nipple Cream and pads

I could marry Mr/Mrs ‘Laninsoh’ this cream, saved me!! Gonna be honest here girls, I found my first few weeks of breastfeeding especially hard on my nipples. Joseph didn’t want to latch on to one of them properly which caused it to crack and be extremely painful. IT DOES GET BETTER GIRLS.. so much so, I will write up a blog post on it – hang on in there!  I was told about ‘Lansinoh’ nipple cream and went straight to Mothercare and bought a couple. It is of quite a thick consistency, but not sticky. You only have to read up on other reviews to know how amazing it is. It almost resembles the ‘Elizabeth Arden’ 8 hour cream – you can even use it on your lips #truestory! You’ll definatley notice the difference of using it after a day or two! Nipple pads –  I used a combination of Johnson’s and Lansinoh but they are pretty much like for like. If you breastfeed YOU WILL NEED THEM!!!

Bottles and Steriliser

Bottles, we used ‘Avent’ no complaints at all. I have heard mixed reviews on Tommee Tippee, but then we didn’t use them so I am not sure. How different can they all be right?

Originally we got

However, I personally wouldn’t recommend as we had a bad experience with it. Basically, you have to fill a part of it up with water but this caused the metal to burn, stain and smell. It just didn’t seem the safest so we sent it back.  Instead we just ended up getting a microwave one – although, it was quite time consuming! I haven’t used it, but have heard better reviews of the Tommee Tippee one


I miss seeing Joseph on this so much! It looks like the most comfy thing in the world. The first few days after Joseph being born,  he just wouldn’t settle in his Moses Basket or Crib. I think it was a combination of there being ‘too much space’ and a bit of trapped wind.

We gave him his Infacol but that wasn’t making a huge difference, so I took to the internet to have a google and a lot of Forums were pointing towards the ‘Coccoonababy’ I toyed with the idea for a couple of days because I didn’t want to waste our money on something he wouldn’t like or settle with, but infact, it was really worth every penny! It is proven to help with trapped wind as it keeps them elevated and also the strap that goes around their waist makes them feel secure. It is pretty much a memory foam mattress for babies! It allowed me to co-sleep with him in the day too as I could snuggle around him in bed. The only thing is, I believe the ‘Sleepyhead’ lasts a little longer as they do grow out of the Coccoonababy quicker –it  still sees them through the first few months though!

Ewan the Sheep

We loved this sleep aid! I hated the thought of Joseph laying there in the dark, and I think this was the reason he had trouble settling at times. Again, after reading reviews, we went out bought it. Even now, a year on, we still use it for Joseph as it lights up and plays lullabyes. ( it is equally as soothing for the adults and helped us fall asleep too )  He has always been so mesmerised by the gentle red light I think that has really helped in settling him and getting him to sleep.


Dummy Steriliser

I can’t even blame Joseph for this, I was forever dropping his dummy! As the months moved on, in general I became a bit more relaxed but I would swear by this at the beginning.

You have to get the ‘Milton’ sterilising tablets too, but they are reasonably priced and you get a few in the pack.—50-pack/449761.html#q=sterilising+tablets&lang=default&start=1

whilst on the subject again of sterilisation, when we went away, rather than having to lug the steriliser with us to clean the bottles , you can use these—28-tablets/449769.html#q=steriliser+tablets&lang=default&start=3


We decided on having a ‘Moses Basket’ for downstairs and a crib for upstairs – I’m glad we did, due to Joseph not settling in the basket and I think size wise, he would have outgrown it fairly quick.

We went for the ‘Anna Gliding’ crib from John Lewis, and loved it. Rather than rocking it gently glided side to side so felt a little more gentle. There are a wide range of cribs available.

Sleeping bag

When Joseph was about 2/3months old, another reason for him waking in the night would be that he would kick his blanket off – not to mention I was a nervous wreck and would wake incase he had kicked it over himself!

I would tuck it underneath his mattress and everything but my little Jackie Chan would kick it off.  As Joseph was born towards the later part of the year too, I was paranoid about him being cold. I decided to get him a sleeping bag, and he has had one since. We started off with a ‘Gro Bag’. At this point it was Nov/Dev so getting very cold so we got a winter tog and in the summer changed to a lighter one.

For more info, you may find this link helpful.

Baby Monitor

There is such a wide range of monitors available, but I wasn’t overly specific on which one we had. Aslong as I could hear my baby clearly, then that was the main thing.

I have heard a lot of good reviews on the Angel Care ones but I personally didn’t want to get the one with the sensor pad because I  have heard that they can be a little oversensitive and turn you into a paranoid wreck – as if we aren’t enough sometimes anyway. We had this one and has been great since. When the batteries go on the ‘Ewan Sheep’ and I have been too lazy to change them we use the lullabies on the monitor.


If you sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial, you get discount on nappies so may work out cheaper to order a few by the box


Lamaze – Anything Lamaze. Joseph loved them. Particularly  ‘Freddie the firefly’ which is hugely popular

For the first 3 months, babies can only see black, white and grey and respond about 8 to 12 inches from their face. My sister in law had this clip on pram book which is black and white on one side and colour on the other ( which I never got around to buying but really wish we had )

I found these little balls great and since recommending them to friends, they have too. It really helps the baby with hand eye coordination and helps them learn to grip and play


AGAIN, the Kanye in me reered its head and I wanted a grey bouncer, because it looked nice and fitted in! Joseph loved it, however as he got older, I don’t think it was stimulating enough for him so we ended up selling it and got this one which he loved;

Purchases that were pointless for us

Tommee tippee nappy bin – Loved it at first – does the job but was far more easier and cheaper to just buy your normal nappy sacks than the ones that you have to use with it.

Baby toiletry box – I loved the idea of having all of Joseph’s toiletries organised in this – but in actual fact, he hardly has a great deal. Its big, bulky

Lamaze Tummy time – Wasn’t worth the 20 I spent on it as he only used it a couple of times & hated it!

Anything you recommend or would say was a waste of money? Would love to hear from you!

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