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downloadMy second post yay. Since sharing this last night, I kept waking up excited, thinking of all the things I cannot wait to blog about – so hello again! Girls, I am being so honest when I say I am no Gok when it comes to fashion. I really just roll with the punches. I don’t buy fashion magazines etc I wish I was that girl, but I am not. I can either look super girly one day and a bin man the next- all respect to bin men btw our favourite day of the week!

 Whether you’re pregnant in the Summer or Winter, at some point there is a chance you are going to need to invest in some Maternity clothes. I don’t know if it is just me, but I really struggled to find much to chose from. Alot of it just seemed to be quite frumpy.  I mean, lets face it girls, you don’t always feel your best in pregnancy when you cant fit into the clothes that you love! Of course in summer you have the luxury of wearing maxi dresses or jumpers in the winter but that isn’t always enough!

One day I just sat on the bedroom floor in tears because nothing fitted me anymore.  I was so itchy I wanted to scratch my skin off and I felt like a potato. ( I guess this was the beginning of me turning into a pyscho ) Clearly enough was enough for Ad as much as me so he frog marched me to Bluewater! It was half a success but could have been better and I did find my wardrobe through pregnancy to be quite limited, but maybe I was just being too fussy?

Anyway, I have made it my mission to find some items and websites that you may (or may not) like. I think it is so important to feel as good as you can when pregnant. You know, you can still feel sexy and pretty. Make the most of your bigger boobs and cleavage I say. I wish I did, I swear mine are like empty pool table pockets now..niceeeee!


One thing I do really advise on is to invest in a couple of good pair of jeans. There are many retailers that sell maternity jeans so there are plenty to chose from. What I would personally say though, is maybe go to the usual place that you buy your jeans? For example, I usually get my jeans from Topshop and the maternity jeans I brought were pretty much like for like. Lets be honest, there is enough change going on through pregnancy so to be able to not have to entirely compromise on our wardrobe is a bit of a win!

They seem to be a little more costly but I’m a jeans girl and knew I would get such wear out of them that I didn’t mind paying a little extra.  My usual size is 8, so I purchased a 10. They are honestly so comfy girls and really supportive of the bump. What felt really nice too,  was to be able to get ‘Skinny jeans’ They were so comfortably tight I felt well and truly sucked in.  I was able to buy one pair in store and because I knew what size fitted me, I was able to order the others online. I  don’t know if it was just the stores that I was going to, but the Maternity section was always so small and limited so I found ordering online to be the best – not to mention the changing room mirrors – no thank youuuuu… avoided at all costs.

I have also heard that Mothercare are good for jeans! Other retailers include; Next, Debenhams, ASOS, Gap, Asda, Seraphine, JojoMamamBebe, Dorothy Perkins, M&S, Isabella Oliver and New Look to name a few.


I lived in sleeveless jackets. I just found them so easy to put over the top of either a strapless top in the summer or a long sleeved blouse when it was more chilly. They look really nice actually if you want to emphasise your bump.. something that I loved doing. I think I may have a pic that I will see if I can dig out in a second. I purchased a some from Primark and New Look. They were all the rage last year but I am sure they are as easy to come by this year, if not I am sure you could even grab on Ebay! I think at the most they were £15ish.* note how I use the word ‘purchased’ alot .. I get too confused with ‘bought’ and brought’ 😉 *


Jeans – Topshop. Jacket – Primark

Work work work work wooooork


Again, Topshop was my go to for this. My dress code was smart casual. I had a couple of skirts throughout my pregnancy and was able to fit in to stretchy dresses. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have my skirt online anymore, but to be honest.. a skirt is a skirt isn’t it. If a black pencil skirt is what you’re after, it seem’s there are many available.

A few maternity trousers or skirts have the option of over the bump or under the bump. I dont think in terms of supporting it, it makes much difference but it is more personal preference. Personally, my clothes were under the bump which I really liked. I liked the feeling of being able to touch my bare bump, however this may not be the case for everyone, in which case I would suggest over the bump. 


It all depends on your bump size I guess and how much weight you may have put on. I  was able to fit in to my dresses but they were super stretchy and I won’t be able to wear them again, until my next pregnancy anyway (not just yet – chillout Ad). If I am honest, I really begrudged spending the money on work clothes, so if you have items that you can fit into and don’t mind stretching then go for it – otherwise, here are some gooduns; LOVE this. Smart but relaxed, and I would wear this out of work with some sandals – even better! Anything that you can get away with in work and out is a bloody bonus! Furthermore, it is a nursing dress too so you can wear post pregnancy should you need to! – again

INFACT, New Look are rocking the maternity range in general! Have a little look yourself.

Tops and blouses 

I know Topshop have a range of tops and blouses to chose from, but I also know they can add up and be quite pricey! If your anything like me and a mucky pup, your only going to get it dirty with food anyway. Usually you may be able to get away with it going on your lap.. but nothing is getting past that bump muhahaha. I found H&M perfect. Everyone loves a bit of H&M! Although – a bit annoying when you put your work address as your ‘home address’ for delivery and they catch you out.. because they ‘dont allow company address” buzz killllllllls. anyway, that aside – I loveeeeeeee them. how cute is that.. like ‘Annie’ out of ‘Father of the Bride’ hair in a top knot, big shirt, pair of ripped jeans.. too cute!

wow someone is about to eat their words.. so.. bit of a predicament.. I just had a look on H&M and there are plenty to chose from on there – go ahead and look for yourself,BUUUUUT currently there aren’t many to my taste so I feel a bit of a fraudster sharing tops that I’m not keen on but that isn’t to say they aren’t nice.

Here you go;

Baby Moooooooooon

Holiday clothes I found super difficult maternity wise. I just couldn’t find a great deal without spending a fortune. I bought a one piece from ASOS and a couple of beach maternity dresses but that was it  For the rest, I just went on and got bigger sizes – for a fraction of the price! Lovely!

Going aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt

Saved the best for last.. the going out stuff. That is when you really want to look your nicest. I found that ASOS were amazing for this. So many nice, dressy, formal items to chose from. Throughout my pregnancy I felt it was important not only to feel good, but I wanted to look good for the bf too. It was one thing that I couldn’t completely reach down to shave my legs by this point, (poor sod) so I had to pull the stops out somewhere. We had a wedding and I was 8 months gone – I felt like an absoloute whale so it was important I looked and felt my best. I really felt girly and lovely and the dress fitted beautifully.There are sooo many to chose from on ASOS you will be spoilt for choice

I hope this entry has been of some use to you. Be sure to click back because I will continue to add bits and any pieces I come across – Just because you’re pregnant, you are still YOU and you deserve to feel your best. & take it from me, as soon as the bub is here..your needs fashion wise take a bit of a back seat so make the most of being able to buy for yourself without the guilt X

Lots of love, Jax x


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