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The holy grail – ‘ a good nights sleep ‘


Since Joseph was merely a few weeks old, we learnt that you will buy simply ANYTHING if it gets you a ‘good’ nights sleep. When I say a ‘good night’s sleep‘ I am not quite sure if I fully know the real meaning of that anymore, however my current definition of this is the following;

  • not having to wake up numerous amount of times
  • not having to make such great decisions at 3am ‘ do i get him out and cuddle him or will that wake him up more ‘ Do I give him a bottle or will he then expect a night feed ‘ Do I get him in our bed or will that then be an expectation‘ I’m telling you, as a mum, these are pretty fundamental decisions’
  • the latest and most frequent – getting in his cot – yes I felt like ‘Elf’

I do understand that all of this all goes hand in hand with being a parent, however now that Joseph is a year old, I kind of expected those days to be over. Naive – maybe!? 

He has always been a pretty good sleeper. I have a routine with Joseph, however we haven’t always been as strict when it comes to bedtimes. He goes down at 7pm and that has been the case since he was two months old, but we are guilty of playing with him and getting him excited until atleast 10 minutes before – by the time Ad  gets home from work, that little bit of time beforehand is precious.

Anyway, the past few weeks Joseph has been waking up numerous times through the night and I just couldn’t fathom why. He settles down just as well as he always has  but has started to wake and cry numerous of times throughout the night. He started nursery 6 weeks ago so initially I thought it was due to separation anxiety, and it just well could have been to begin with but but the mum in me knew that there was more to it.

UNTIL *lightbulb moment* I realised it could just be down to that little plastic thing called a dummy.. small but mighty!! The amount of times we have been searching in the dark underneath the cot for the bloody thing where Joseph frisbey’s it in the middle of the night. So I thought, this could be the reason – infact I almost hoped that it was!

I had a google about as I do, bouncing around from mumsnet to netmums and then low and behold I found a possible solution. Something so simple and hopefully effective. A rabbit teddy that dummies attach to. I was really sceptical at first to be honest, it seemed too good to be true but I was desperate, and sooo tired!? Received this badboy via Amazon yesterday and oh my god.. the best £12 something I have ever spent.

You have three colour choices, blue, pink or grey. Small or large. Grey, large cute looking rabbit all received – forcefully snatched straight out of the couriers hands.

Settled the little guy down as per, and when we checked on him before bed he was all snuggled up to ‘Bella’ (girlfriend to Bertie the jellycat rabbit – I am that mum) honestly at first, I felt a little excited to sleep!

HE SLEPT THROUGH.. decided he wanted to start his day at 5am but I didn’t care. 7 hours of interrupted sleep for me and the bf!  When I fell pregnant I told myself I wouldn’t fall for all of these gimics but as I said, if it gives you the slight hope of getting some solid sleep you simply do not care. As with alot of things, it all goes out the window when these little sleep vampires arrive. So with no further ado, introducing, my new best friend ….. ‘Sleepytot‘ – this will save you having to google ‘rabbit toy’ and perhaps having a confused/excited boyfriend when it comes up on your net history.. * please note any family members – this did not happen to us lol *

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  1. This is brilliant! Well done jax. Spot on I have certainly been there. In fact once, when Jayden was teething I fell asleep standing and rocking from side to side…. Jason thought I was possessed when I wouldn’t answer him! 😄

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