An open letter to Joseph’s Nursery


Dear Nursery,

Like anything in life, when you know – you just know.

You was our third and last Nursery we visited when I was pregnant, & if you was the first you would have been our last. We just knew. 

Fast forward a year, and there we were.. me and my precious little boy arriving for his settling in sessions. After nearly a year on Maternity Leave, I actually welcomed the little break I had for myself whilst Joseph attended his hourly sessions with you. When I collected him, I was like a hawk spying through the glass – I still do now, but for very different reasons. Joseph is the most precious thing in my life and handing him over to the care of other people was not an easy feat.

When Joseph started his 3 day a week placement with you we was on the lookout for anything and everything. Proving yourself to parents must be the biggest challenge of all . Joseph couldn’t communicate to us himself how he was getting on  so we was on the lookout for any other signs possible. The strongest indicator for us was how happy our little boy was and has been since he started, nearly 8 months ago.

Naturally, with any transition there is the chance of a few teething problems at the beginning, however I think that is just down to communication. I say the term ‘teething problems’ very loosely. That was just down to Joseph settling in to a different environment and you getting to know him just as much as him getting to know you.

Motherhood and guilt goes hand and being a working mum it is something that I struggle with whenever I have to say bye to him in the morning when I go to work, however every time I collect him from you and see how happy he is it soon subsides. I notice such a development after each day spent with you all and love watching the close relationships he has formed with all of the staff. The way his nickname is ‘JoJo’ and the way he say’s bye and ‘high fives’with a huge grin on his face.

So this is my way just to say thank you for all the great work that you do. I have my stressful moments with Joseph at times and he is my own child so a huge credit for being surrounded by loud, demanding (but of course cute) children all day who aren’t even your own! Each day we hear about all of these horrible stories of child abuse in the News  – before 10am this morning I had already read about two separate cases and that is what prompted me to write this even more. In a world that is so cruel I wanted to bring to light a bit of positivity surrounding Childcare.

Thank you for contributing in such a big way to not only my Joseph’s development – but his happiness. As parents that is all we wish for our children so to have such a big peace of mind when I can’t be with him is worth its weight in gold – X


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