Happy Monday Beauts – I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Just a quick one from me today, I just wanted to share something that is completely melting my heart at the moment. Whilst for a few months now, Joseph has been saying ‘Mama’, I feel as though he hasn’t been necessarily using the word and associating it with me – more of it being just a simple word, and I guess where he would receive such a reaction from me he would say it more and more. The past couple of week’s though he has stepped it up to a whole new level, and I have to say, it is without doubt melting my heart.

The first time really was a couple of weeks ago. We was at his nursery Summer Fair and although the BF and I was standing by him, people stood in front of us taking us out of his sight. Joseph frantically started searching around with his eyes and then started going ‘Mama, Mama, Mamaaaaaa’ – it was one of the sweetest moments I have experienced with him (not to mention the fact that it made me feel really wanted 😉 )


When Joseph would wake up, we would hear him stirring and whimpering to himself, whereas now he stands up in hit cot and yells ‘Maaaaaamaaaaaaa’ – I am sure after a few more weeks of this at 6am it will start to wear a bit thin, but I have to say that for now it makes me wake with a smile on my face.

Everyday Joseph gives me a new reason to smile, and it makes me even more excited for our future together and the next stages in his development.


Not so long ago I documented on my Instagram how I was getting a little concerned about his speech and felt as though I could be doing more to help him. If you are currently finding yourself in this position – do not panic! Joseph has progressed so much speech wise in the past month. Just give them time and it will happen.

I hope you have a good week and I sharing my next post on Thursday,

Love, Jax x

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