You’re having a baby!


Dear Mummy to be,

Congratulations, you’re having a baaaaaaby! Pretty nerve wracking, right?! I’m sure already you are a bag of nerves – welcome to the Motherhood initiation. You are now a Mum and you will spend the rest of your life worrying and being nervous, because there is now this little baby inside of you that you love and care about more than anything else in the world.

If you have had a pretty hectic life, maybe you are well travelled, have been rebellious or lived by the book – well let me tell you, you are about to embark on the most craziest adventure of a life time that no money could by and no miles crossed can compare. Motherhood will be the biggest emotional rollercoaster of your life and it will really keep you on your toes. You will never know what is coming from one day to the next. Just when you think you love them with every fibre of your being, you wake up the next day and it feels even more so – and this will continue and get stronger and stronger with each passing day.


You may not like them every day, this can even change by the hour, but the love you will feel will be like no other. It will be tiring, and your sleep pattern will never be the same again but as they get older you will sometimes hope that they wake up, just so they can get into your bed with you. At some point you may get impatient at how long they take to drink from their bottle – don’t  – one day you will miss those special moments of holding them close whilst feeding them and looking into their eyes. You may wait eagerly for the day when they can feed themselves – don’t – you will get to the day when all you want to do is ‘choo choo’ their food but they wont even let you hold their spoon. You may be desperate to dress them in ‘normal clothes’ – don’t – keep them in babygrows for aslong as you can as you will find yourself dressing them in them as they get older just so that they feel like your baby again. Motherhood is exciting with the constant changes and development – but don’t rush it. 

I did.

I couldn’t wait to for Joseph to go from the carry cot to the sit up buggy. I couldn’t wait to wean. I couldn’t wait to dress him in ‘proper clothes’. I was always so excited for the next stage, but what I didn’t realise is how fast it would all go. I now, at any opportunity try to cradle Joseph, let me spoon some food into his mouth – anything to make him feel like my small baby once more.


It will go so quick Mamas! Take in every second and every day as you wont get them back.  The washing can wait, the diets can wait – everything can wait because that can all happen again, but those moments with this particular little baby wont.

I know it may feel like you are pregnant forever, but you wont be. You will be so ready for it when the time comes that a lot of your nerves will soon subside because excitement will outweigh them. It will hurt, of course it will hurt but people go on to have more children for a reason. Try to enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can as that is where the bonding truly begins and will get stronger by the day from here on out. Take the image away from films, Friends or even One Born Every Minute – everyones birth is different and if you don’t get that ‘rush of love’ straight away that is ok too. In my case, I was so tired and overwhelmed it was a lot to take in and that is ok!

There are many things you can prepare for as far as having a baby goes – but let me tell you one thing that you wont be able to prepare for – the love. The love that grows with every passing day and every stage of development. You wont always get it right, you will make mistakes and you wont always know what to do, but please trust your instincts and failing that, we have Google 😉 . Believe in yourself as a parent, no one knows your child better than you. As a Mum you will understand what your child can not say -you’re going to be amazing

& one last thing before I go – enjoy being able to openly eat sweets and treats. As they get older it becomes a military operation eating Haribo’s in peace 😉


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