Any man can be a Father, but it takes a real ‘Tel’ to be a Dad


For a while I have wanted to dedicate a post to my Dad, especially as this is a Parenting blog and the ‘skills’ that I have so far learnt have come from him. Being his Birthday on Saturday, it feels even more right to do it now. Ever since me and my brother were younger we have always tried to make his Birthday’s special. Surprise dinners and Birthday cakes, not to mention the ‘Mellow Magic’ time – I secretly called Magic 105.4 from my bedroom and live on air I explained that it was his Birthday and requested ‘Bette Midler, Wind Beneath My Wings’ – being a delay it gave us enough time to run into his bedroom and turn on the radio where we all laid in bed and listened to it – and he cried, apple doesn’t fall far from the emotional tree 😉


My Dad, aka El Tel from Costa Del Cray is pretty special and I don’t always appreciate that – I take him for granted ALOT. You know what it’s like, you can sometimes take them for granted and get so caught up with your own life. Especially since becoming a Mum, naturally my main focus has been Joseph. It hurts me to admit this but due to growing up without my Mum being around, in a way that has taken alot of my attention and focus away from him  and I have dwelled so much on that situation, that at times I have completley taken for granted the most important person of all – my Dad.


Anyone that say’s a man isn’t capable of doing a Mum’s job is WRONG and I can vouch for that whole heartedly. Ok, admittedly I have missed out on certain things but my Dad has taught me so much and kept me so grounded that to an extent, I haven’t totally gone without. For someone that has grown up without a Mum, you may almost expect me to be withdrawn, cold and scared of commitment. Those who know me will  say I am the complete opposite; sensitive, in touch with my emotions, soppy and loving. This is because of my Dad. So whilst there may be certain stuff that I have had to go without, my dad has ensured that although we may not have had much growing up, we were never short of love, respect and manners. There have been times when in my own way I have gone off of the rails a little bit but I have stayed grounded throughout, as has my brother. Even now I can be a bit of a live wire but my Dad is always there to bring me back down – well in his own way which is a simple ‘Oh Jaaaaaaaaaaack’ – thats enough for me to think ‘oh shit’ . My Dad would go above and beyond to provide for us. We didn’t have the best of everything, not by a long shot but we always appreciated what we did have and we are the same now.


Anyone can be a ‘Dad’ but it takes one hell of a man to be a Father. There has been so many times in my life that I have dwelled on the fact that I don’t have a Mum around, and the more I think of it, the more I become pissed off at myself. Whilst this is true, I have something that some people dream of and that is the most amazing Dad ever. Now that I am a Mum myself and realising how hard it can be, I also realise that I am lucky to have the BF – I can’t imagine how hard it must be to look after one child alone, let alone two – infact, let alone one of the children being as high maintenance and attention seeking as myself!!


You would never meet a man like my Dad & I feel so lucky that he has rubbed off on us the way he has – so whilst we have the same temper and neither of us are good in the mornings, neither me, my Dad or my brother are afraid to take ourselves seriously. We would help anyone, with the best intentions and always be up for a laugh (& a drink 😉 )

So, with all this in mind and nearing to my Dad’s Birthday I just wanted to say a very public thank you. I am so proud to have you has my Dad, hence wanting to tell everyone how wonderful you really are. You have the cheekiest and wittiest sense of humour and what I really love is the fact that both me and Joe make you laugh – especially when we gang up on you – I know how much you love having us all together. We take you for granted, but the truth is Dad, you are worth your weight in gold. You are truly the most amazing Grandad to my child who you are obsessed with and despite any of your flaws you have the kindest heart and I will love you forever.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Remember that time when we got you so drunk on your Birthday and you text us saying ‘Thank you for being my children ‘ haha – WELL Tel, thank you for being Our Dad X


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