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Bocketts Farm – Leatherhead


Joseph’s 1st Birthday was something that I wasn’t taking lightly! Like most things when you become a Mum – I finally ‘get it’ 


Pre Joseph, I would see the lengths that Mum’s would go to, and yes I didn’t doubt I wouldn’t do the same but I never really understood the extremities for a ‘1st Birthday’ In my mind I had the attitude ‘ they are one, they have no idea what is going on, & they will not remember a thing’  LOL and THEN you become a Mum and it’s ‘ they are one, they have no idea what is going on, & they will not remember a thing – what wrapping paper shall I get? Should I go for blue matching? Fun colours? Where can I get Postman Pat? How many candles should I put on his cake’  I think, like alot of things, you just cannot predict what you will be like or the kind of Mum you will be until it simply happens.


So anyway I had everything planned down to the tee, apart from what to do on his actual Birthday. The BF had the day booked off of work and that was as far as we had got. I was stumped. In general it is hard to always think of stuff to entertain a 1 year old and under, let alone for a special Birthday. Swimming is almost over with an hour, as with soft play, lunch is nice but not always fair as they can get bored. I just wanted a day of fun – all about our little guy.

I remember somebody telling me about ‘Bocketts Farm’ and how good it was, so after a bit more research on the net, I decided this is where we would go.


For obvious reasons it was super special (and emotional) being our little mans 1st Birthday, but the Farm in general was just the best day out! Honestly,.. I have nothing negative to say. The children had just returned to school from their Summer holidays so I will say that was definatley on our side but even so, the facilities and everything it had to offer was just brilliant. It is a day that I think of so fondly – truly special. On arrival you are met by indoor trampolines, an indoor ‘driving zone’ with pedal cars etc, two seperate softplays to cater for all ages, ‘Fergie’ the indoor tractor, and most importantly – a coffee pitstop 😉


Outside, there are all kinds of animals, large and small to pet and feed if you’re feeling brave enough 😉  A variety of activities from Tractor rides, Horse rides to Pig racing! A large outdoor play area with pedal Go Karts too. So much to chose from. (We are notorious for never carrying change on us, so something to remember if you want to participate in the horse or tractor rides) however there are cash machines on site.


There are food and drink facilities on site, but I love making my own little picnics for places like that which they welcome.



We was extremely lucky with the weather, as we have been all year really and it was a beautiful sunny day! We finished it off with a Tractor ride at the end and the excitement on Joseph’s face was priceless. He insisted on standing up the whole way making noises of excitement. We was there for a good few hours but wasn’t ready to finish the day just yet.

Joseph zonked out as soon as we put him in the car so we decided to find a pub in the area and grab an hour for ourselves. We went to ‘The Plough’ sat outside with a cold beer and wine and had a little celebratory drink to ourselves with our worn out little 1 year out sleeping peacefully beside us – a perfect end to the most perfect day/year xxx

For admission prices and more info, check out their website:

You will not be disappointed! 

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