Chicken Stir fry with Garlic & Ginger


You just cant go wrong with a stir fry can you?! Super quick to make and healthy, it is the perfect mid week dinner! For me personally, I get so much satisfaction from making it all fresh ,sometimes more than I get from eating it actually. This is one of my go to favourites. You can experiment and add different veg, and sometimes I use Prawns rather than chicken! Aaaaanway, here is how you can make yours! This fed the two of us so to feed anymore you will have to double up.

You will need: Egg noodles, Chicken breasts x2 – 1 red pepper – 1 green pepper – 2 garlic cloves – small ginger – 1 tablespoon honey – few drizzles of soy sauce, spinach (fresh or frozen) Sesame seeds (Optional)


Method: To make your marinade; In a bowl add the honey and the soy sauce – Peel your ginger with the back of a teaspoon and finley slice, add to the honey soy- finely chop 2 garlc cloves, add to the honey soy.

Dice your chicken breasts and add to the marinade – for best results leave in the fridge overnight, otherwise anything from half an hour will do.

Deseed  and slice your peppers.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in your wok and once hot, add your marinated chicken breasts – fry for about 10minutes and then add your peppers. In the meantime boil your noodles and boil your spinach if using frozen spinach for 5 minutes – Add spinach and noodles to wok and fry for a couple of minutes (if using fresh Spinach, add it in now) add some soy sauce if desired.

Sprinkle sesame seeds for a finishing touch – Optional

Enjoy, and please be sure to share my recipe 🙂

J x 

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