Cilla the Musical


I have been so fortunate as far as blogging opportunities go. I have had some amazing experiences, and the ones that are always made to be extra special are the ones that I get to share with other people. When I was given the opportunity to watch and review ‘Cilla the Musical’ at The Orchard Theatre, Dartford, it was a no brainer. When ‘Cilla’ the programme featured on TV, my Step Mum and I were hooked.  I’ve always loved Cilla for her personality but obviously she was way before my time in terms of music, so I wasn’t too familiar of the songs until then. After the programme I was such a fan, so to then be invited to the musical was so exciting for me. I loved the programme so much that the bar was set quite high, but let me tell you – this did not disappoint!

Cilla – The Musical  is the spectacular and heart-warming musical adaptation of the critically acclaimed hit ITV television series by Bafta-Award winner, Jeff Pope. It tells the story  of the ordinary girl from Liverpool and her break into the music industry, followed by her successful and long lived TV career. It shows her relationship with her beloved Bobby and struggles both in her career and personal life.


I can confidently say, it was the BEST show I have ever seen. Everything about it took my breath away. I have always been an old soul as far as music is concerned so to not only have songs by Cilla, but The Beatles too was incredible. The cast was lead by Kara Lilly Hayworth as Cilla and she played the role absolutely perfectly. Her singing was stunning, it really took my breath away and at one point brought me to tears. Alongside Cilla was Brian Epstein played by Andrew Lancel (aka DI Neil Manson in The Bill 😉 ) and Bobby played by Carl Au – who both equally played their roles perfectly. The chemistry between the leading roles were electrifying and reflected their relationships in real life absolutely perfectly.  The show features all of the best loved and well known Cilla hits, but not forgetting ‘our Bobby’s’ too’. Throughout the show the audience were heading bopping and clapping away, and the standing ovation at the end was confirmation that everyone loved it as much as I did, to the point I didn’t think people would stop clapping.


I have been non stop talking about the show to people since and truly advise anyone that has the opportunity to go, you will not be left disappointed! I loved it so much so that I am going to try to see if I can go again whilst still at The Orchard Theatre.

Throughout the show I laughed, I cried and I look forward to hopefully being able to experience it all over again!

Running time: two hours and 50 minutes (including one interval)

The Orchard Theatre – Dartford 
Running from now until Saturday 20th January 2018
Tickets and booking details: https://orchardtheatre.co.uk/Online/tickets-cilla-dartford-2017


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