Helpless Mummy.


Ahh my favourite time of year. When the cold weather sets in, the big jumpers come out the Christmas festivities begin. I literally love everything about this time of year apart from one thing – the winter illnesses.  Well you are never safe as a parent from your child getting sick whatever time of year it is, but in the Winter the bugs seem to come on thick and fast. We are currently in the midst of our first ‘proper one’ and to be honest, it’s probably the hardest to date.


When Joseph started Nursery it felt like he had a cold 70% of the time for a good 6 months, but when he was younger I think we found it easier to deal with. This time around he has a throat infection/tonisilitus and it is AWFUL. As Parents we have never felt so helpess. It all started with the usual sniffles/cough nothing to really worry about so we went down the usual route of Calpol and Nurofen, but then he got increasingly worse. He was dribbling like an absoloute trooper and his breath smelt.. BAD! At first I thought it was cute, as us Mum’s do haha. It wasn’t that bad at this point so I didn’t think it was related, but then over night it got terrible. His symptoms were getting worse; chesty cough, excessive dribbling, hot/cold sweats. He wasn’t sleeping, uncontrollable crying but the thing that disturbed me the most was that he started to GRIND HIS TEETH. Honestly, I thought I was going to throw up.. the noise was going through me like nails through a chalk board. So at 2am I made the decision to call 111. Long story short I spoke to a Doctor who advised us to take him in to A&E which we did, where he was then given anti-biotics and diagnosed with a Throat Infection/Tonsilitus. That was the early hours of yesterday morning and it has been nothing short of a challenge since.

I think, the thing that we have found the hardest this time around is the fact that he can communicate. Yes, whilst it has been better in the sense that he could tell us what was wrong and what was hurting it has absolutely killed us at the same time. Joseph has been screaming ‘ouch’ and ‘it hurts’ whilst pointing to his neck and we have felt terrible. The best we can do is give him lots of cuddles, fluids and keep up with his prescribed anti-biotics – which is another thing I will touch on actually. My god.. giving medicine to a toddler has been such a challenge. We keep trying to explain to him that the ‘magical medicine’ will make him better but he isn’t having any of it – it doesn’t help that he is huuuuuugely stubborn either. We have tried everything but the best we have managed to do is stain the bedsheets with it – which really pissed me off actually. So as it stands we are on day 3 and I am hoping he perks up for the weekend. I miss him. We have pretty much been stuck by eachothers side for 72 hours but I hate that he isn’t himself. My cheeky, mischeivious little monkey That said, we are currently laying in bed and he just got up.. jumped a couple of times and ‘roared’ at me and is now trying to poke his toes up my nose – never imagined that would make me so happy haha. I’m not gonna lie though, although it has been tough I love the feeling of being ‘needed” and Joseph being really clingy. I could also think of worse things than me Jospeh and Bertie the rabbit laying in bed and watching cartoons 🙂

As a Mum, you just know when something is wrong don’t you. Don’t ignore your gut. Also before I go, I wanted to give such a praise to our NHS. Everytime we have had to take Joseph in for one reason or another they have been amazing. We really are lucky to have such hardworking individuals and an amazing healthcare system! Remember, if you ever have any worries or concerns and its out of hours, just simply call 111


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