Oh, Joseph!


Aloha – Happy fricking Friday.

Joseph is currently, asleep for what feels like forever – but I’m not gonna lie, it feels prettttttty good.

The past week or so has been pretty intense with Joseph. He has been tantrum galore. I feel like I do have it quite easy with Joseph most of the time. Of course I still moan, I am a woman, it is our prerogative 😉 however in general Joseph is really good at listening to me and doing what he is told. I don’t know whether it is just a coincidence that it was leading up to his 2nd Birthday, but since turning two a couple of days ago they have come on thick and fast. I feel like the week leading up to his 2nd Birthday was him easing us into them. Any simple tasks that are usually pretty easy, he makes so bloody difficult. By the end of it I am either sweating or on the verge of tears because he is making everything so difficult. Everything is ‘NO‘ and the whining is like nothing I have ever heard.

Whilst I am aware that I am very lucky in the sense that I have the support of my other half, and there are a lot of women that don’t, its still pretty difficult when you are in the midst of a tantrum alone. I know it will pass, he went through this stage not so long ago but it does take every fibre of your being to hang onto that little bit of patience you have remaining. Everything is a battle; getting him in the high chair, getting him to eat his dinner, getting him dressed, getting him undressed – you name it he is kicking off.

This is the rise and fall of Parenting though. Just when you think you have got it all under control and are feeling pretttty smug about how well behaved your child is, BAM, they give it a good old 360 turn.

I wouldn’t change it for the world though, not in a million years. I was only saying to someone the other day that I don’t know what I would do with my time without him. You almost cant imagine a life before them! Although, I’m not gonna lie, sleep is one thing that I can remember, probably because I dream about it every.single.day 😉

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