Random Acts of Kindness


Something so small to you could mean such a great deal to someone else – yet we don’t always think to put ourselves out to do it do we?  In the hustle and bustle of this thing called life, we can get so busy and so consumed in our own goings on it is easy not to spare a thought for others who may need it, unless its almost shoved in our face or drummed in our ears. Harsh? – maybe, but true.

If we all just made a conscious effort to put ourselves out every so often, it could make a difference. It isn’t completely selfless either because it will make you feel so good inside. Take homeless people for example. I’ve got alot of time for the right ones but I know not everyone is down for that, and that is ok. It isn’t a bad thing to be cautious, which is sometimes my problem as I can be a little naive. Take Naomi for example. I walked past Naomi a few times outside Cannon Street station. I am always in a rush to catch my train to collect Joseph from Nursery so I wasn’t ever able to stop but she never went unnoticed. One day my train was delayed and it was SO cold, I could see her visibly shaking so I went and got her a hot chocolate and just sat with her talking. Honestly, in that 10 minutes you could see that we equally gave each other such joy. It is so easy to judge and tar everyone with the same brush, but everyone has a story to tell if you just took the time to listen, after all time is the best gift you can bestow on someone.


That said, I did have an awkward moment the other week. I was walking across London Bridge, again, freezing cold.. and I saw what I thought was a ‘Homeless person’ sitting down freezing cold. So I went to a burger van and bought him a tea with 2 sugars.. just as I was walking over to him I saw him stand up and walk  away with someone – to which I realised he was a workman obviously waiting for his colleague – how awkward would that have been!!

Every day you probably do so many good deeds without realising. 

An act of kindness is a spontaneous gesture of goodwill towards someone or something – our fellow humans, the animal kingdom, and the kingdom of nature. Kind words and deeds come from a state of benevolence, generated by a core response deep within all of us.

I have compiled a list of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ which could make a world of difference to someone else;

  • Put the phone away
  • If you are a Parent, give reassurance to one when you are out if they are visibly struggling
  • Cook a meal for a friend who has just had a baby
  • Buy some food/drink for a homeless person
  • Compliment someone to their boss
  • Befriend the new person at work
  • Help a Parent up/down the stairs with their buggy
  • Help an old person with their shopping bags
  • Let the person behind you with minimal items at the shopping checkout go infront of you
  • Make a personalised playlist on Spotify for a friend if they’re going through a hard time i.e breakup
  • Call your Grandparents !
  • Swallow your pride
  • Text a good morning/good night or love you text
  • Send Valentines Day card to your friends
  • Be kind to the Customer service person – they have a job to do and it’s not their fault
  • Give someone in need your brolly
  • Offer to return someones shopping trolly for them in they are in need
  • If you still have time on your car park ticket, give it to someone else in the car park
  • Take your coins to one of those machines you get in Supermarket and donate it to Charity
  • Donating and sharing peoples fundraising posts on Social Media –https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/charlie-price
  • Give an old person your time http://www.ageuk.org.uk/health-wellbeing/loneliness/befriending-services/



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