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Sceptical is my middle name. I am pretty dubious about everything in general. That may be down to the fact that I am not very trusting but whatever the situation may be I always stop for a second and think ‘hmmm, really?’ What can I say, I like to play things safe. However, that said, when it comes to trying anything ‘healthy’ I’ll always keep an open mind – who wouldn’t want to try to improve their health?!

I have been wanting to try Forever Living’s ‘Aloe Vera gel’ for a while after seeing and hearing a few of my friends rave about it. Aloe Vera in general is known for its wide range of health benefits and this drink alone is as close as you will get from drinking it in its purest form, straight from the leaf itself.

You reap the benefit from 200 different nutrients, including 18 amino acids, 8 essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. That may not mean a great deal to you, but trust me that is pretty unique! They say you have to be drinking it for a month to really notice the effects, and to be honest I have been drinking it just shy of that but I am already noticing a massive difference, My skin is clearer, I have more energy and I am definitely being more proactive as far as Joseph is concerned – having a kid is bloody tiring at the best of times but I am definitely noticing that I have a lot more ‘get up and go’

I have been having a 60ml shot every morning upon wakening to kick start my day. Not gonna lie, it doesn’t taste the best at all but neither do Tequillas and I am sure we have all done one of those in our time. Even better though, I have just discovered that you can buy a flavouring to add to it to take the edge off of it! It is also available in other flavours, with all different added health benefits. For example I have just ordered my parents the ‘Aloe berry nectar ‘ which has all the benefits of the original ‘Aloe Vera gel’ but coupled with a blend of cranberry and apple juice. High in antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and potassium to aid digestion by cleansing the digestive system and of course research suggests that the benefits of cranberry juice alone is good for urinary infections, immune system and tooth care. I have also ordered the Aloe ‘bits n peaches’ juice for Joseph as the fresh tasting peach flavour makes it perfect for the little ones. I’ll try anything to improve all of my families health if I can.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee on all products which is pretty telling in itself – they truly are amazing.

If you are interested in anything mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact me via my email at justjax09@yahoo.com and I can provide you with some more information. x

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