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Take a moment to be in the moment


19th December 201616 days, 407 hours, 2 weeks


Without my phone

I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. Not everything..but some things.

I love my phone, but I think at times I have almost become addicted to it. When I had my bouts of loneliness on Maternity Leave, or boredom when Joseph was napping it became a dear old friend to me and was my link to the outside world. The main use for my phone is taking photos! I have always been a photo taker, and naturally even more so since having Joseph and starting my Blog. The only problem is it has taken me away from really being in the moment.


Take Firework Night for example. You’ve gotta love a firework haven’t you. So much so, we take photos and videos to capture how amazing they are. The thing is, how many of you actually look back at the videos and photos. I know for me they are the first to get the chop when I need more memory on my phone yet at the time all I want to do is capture them – rather than just being in the moment and enjoying them for what they are. Like most parents, I am a bloody nightmare for it with Joseph. Anything and everything he does I want to capture the moment, which is fine.. but it’s the moments I miss after that because I’m either Instagramming..editing..sending to people.. picking which one out of the 10 taken is the best! Most of the time I take those photos or Snapchats to send to Ad as I never want him to miss a thing, but then I think ‘ohhh actually that is sooo cute surely everyone else will want to see that too (to a parent, your child is unique and no other child has pulled that face when eating mushy peas before…and surely everyone else will want to see that tooo..hmmm)


So moving on to the present time.. – Christmas (see what I did there)

There is no doubt in my mind that I would have taken ridiculous amount of photo’s and uploaded atleast 3 to my Instagram. Only I couldn’t. For that reason, I was probably in so many more moment’s and noticing so much more than I would have, had I had my phone. Admittedly there was a couple of times that my niece had to hide the IPad from me, buuuuuuut that was nothing in comparison to what I would have been like. I have had a temp phone on the go but not my own so haven’t been taking pictures etc. I have had hardly any distractions compared to what I usually have, and I have had so much more get up and go. I have been so much more proactive. When Joseph usually has his nap time, I intend on using that time on doing some chores.. yet I end up checking my phone and end up on it until he wakes up. The past couple of weeks I have been getting so much more done and really feel great for it. It has given me alot more thinking time too which has resulted in a clearer mind.

Look, I’m not pretending like there is  going to be some huge dramatic change. I get my phone back from being repaired tonight, and I do not doubt that I will be glued to it at some point in the evening.. but I will be making  a point of waiting until my little man is asleep and I am all organised for tomorrow. I enjoy using my phone for all of it’s uses, but I am just going to make more of a conscious effort to not depend on it so much. Yes I am still going to want to capture all of these amazing moment’s of Joseph but me experiencing them with him is going to mean a whole lot more to him then pictures.


When Joseph was born, Ad & I made a rule between ourselves that we would have a couple of hours to ourselves without telling people or being on our phones & we stuck to it. Yes of course we took a couple of pictures of Joseph, but more than anything we was in the moment, taking it all in with no distractions. We live in a world now where we do need our phones to a certain extent but it is important that we live in the moment too, so going forward I am definatley going to pick and chose my moment’s when it come’s to phone usage. X

P.S – Can we just take a moment to appreciate that I have said the word moment(s) 10 times in this post – overkill.


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